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Business Restructuring

There is a very wise saying, “Business is not just clinging to one venture but knowing when to let go off it.” Many a time business houses and corporate entities, sometimes even start-ups face business turbulence and in these times it is very essential to have a look into the existing structure. This calls for nothing but business restructuring. People usually confuse business restructuring with changing the business; it is a very false belief as a person into real-estate business need not venture out into electronic business but simply restructure the existing business so that it becomes profitable and supports growth.

Business restructuring is the need of the operation as work culture is changing drastically and with ever globalising and evolving world companies need to restructure themselves in order to match the change. The existing business calls for complete or partial restructuring if the market is going in other direction or if the preferences of consumers have changed. The business also needs to be restructured if the company is in debt, has poor liquidity, trading on markets at distressed prices or if the structure and objective of the business do not match with each other. Many a time companies with huge cash reserves expand into several other categories and in turn have numerous subsidiaries. While expanding the management may think that the expansion will give their business a new dimension but it doesn’t work out every time. Several times it fails miserably and the company is laden with non-performing assets and subsidiaries which are like an albatross in their neck. These situations need to be dealt in an organized way and the restructuring shall be done in phases. HLB Hamt a unit of HLB International has restructured numerous businesses over the years and our experience and expertise in business restructuring is second to none. We have turned around the loss making companies into a profitable entity and our experienced professionals spread across the globe carries out business restructuring with utmost ease.

HLB Hamt has been catering to middle-eastern markets for a very long time and 2000+ clients is a testimony to our commitment. Every restructuring which is entrusted to us is dealt with utmost care and all matters related to restructuring are carefully drafted. We are amongst the very few companies who offer complete business restructuring service. Our services includes independent business review, options review, financial advice and arranging assistance, contingency planning, corporate simplification, optimized exits and complete restructuring of business and operations. Our professionals’ device strategy which will give you good gains in relatively less time, the talented team at HLB Hamt is always ready to walk the extra mile so that the losses can be controlled and business returns to normal.

Whatever be the industry, be it manufacturing or service sector we at HLB Hamt are experienced enough to carry out all forms of business restructuring. We devise several strategies after going through the problems faced by your company. The solutions developed by us are always precise and accurate. Our offices are spread across UAE and with certifications of international repute adding to our glory we are the most admirable company for business restructuring. Our team will offer advices on all fronts and will assist you in implementation services as well. We are a 14 year old company which has enriched us with sea of knowledge. Nobody understands Dubai better than us and if your company is facing any trouble in Dubai then HLB Hamt can help you in all possible ways. We have incorporated over 1500 companies and our 6 business division ensures that you do business in Dubai in most prosperous way, without having to worry for anything.