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Employee Self Service Portal

In this era of knowledge, employees are the biggest assets of any modern day organization. The more skilled the human resources, the higher the chance of growth of the company. But keeping highly skilled workers happy is a tremendous task. And one way to accomplish this is to provide them the convenience of internet based self management. This is the theme of the Employee Self Service Portal put forth by HLB Hamt. This is a web based module facilitating employees to manage many aspects of their employment.

The Employee Self Service Portal allows the employee to access a lot of information as well as execute many simple tasks from just about any location in the world. For instance, a worker can easily access his/her pay slip from the Employee Self Service Portal interface. This doesn’t just save productive time; it also cuts on the burden on the administration which directly translates into cost savings for the organizations. The employee can also apply for leaves online, eliminating the need to use paper (again an expense cutter) and saving desk spaces for management, which means less clutter and more effective management. Leave approvals for managers achieves the same benefits by allowing the managers to approve or reject the application for leave by any employee online, saving much time, especially in the case when multiple such approvals or rejections are to be made at a time since all the relevant applications can be selected and processed at one go. HRA advance, overtime application, business travel application can all be made online. This, yet again, not just cuts costs but also make it much easier to track expense by an employee. . Since the employee as well as the management can both view this information, it makes it very difficult for unscrupulous elements to fabricate expenses or cause financial loss in any other way to the organization. For instance, if an employee applies for more overtime payment than the amount of time put in by him or her then the same is visible to their manager, who can strike down such requests and also single out the particular employee. This automatically means better corporate governance and increased transparency in the system by minimizing the chance of fraudulent activities, which is essential in the contemporary high revenue generating corporations where it becomes difficult to track every individual’s activities without any automated help in the form of monitoring or activity summarization and classification systems in place.

Personal information of the employees is also recorded online and the employee can track it, minimizing any discrepancies in the administrative system which could possibly eat productive time. Further, automated alerts can be set, including the alerts for approved or rejected applications. This feature can be used to boost productivity by ensuring that important tasks get done on time and employee morale is also not let down which in turn would ensure that they devote more time and focus to work and not to administrative issues.

In short, the Employee Self Service Portal is a complete self-management solution that can vastly simplify many tasks for both, the employees and the managers. This has a string of advantages, ranging from lower operating costs to boosting productivity to saving paper, an environmentally responsible act.

HLB Hamt has put in sincere effort to create an online human resource services gateway offering a very high value with a wide variety of applications in terms of types of organizations. We are more than willing to help your company get on the electronic management bandwagon. The Employee Self Service Portal might just be the tool your organization needs.