ERP Implementation and Support

Today, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems play a very significant role in the management of business processes. It has expanded with an increasing focus on specific business areas like manufacturing, planning or human resources to broader usage throughout the company. Information Technology has always been responsible for deciding and implementing the latest methodologies in an organization. However, successful implementation of ERP requires involvement from the stakeholders at different levels right from executives to the end users. For most companies, the transition from their current traditional systems to an all new ERP system can take up significant resources including expense, time and risk to the business operations. But this need not be the case always.

Whether it is a small growing business, a well established medium sized company or an enterprise level organization, success is the goal for all. A modern ERP solution can surely help any business gain a highly competitive advantage. It provides a better confidence to grow with the market. Most of the organizations are not certain about the way to growing. The most popular ERP solution available today is Sage. It is ranked as #1 by the computer business review and is highly powerful in benefiting businesses. Whether it is something basic like increasing productivity or a complex goal like expanding the business into newer geographies, acquiring a company or adding newer product lines, Sage ERP solutions can help well. HLB Hamt is an authorized implementation partner of Sage and is also the preferred implementation of ‘Sage ERP X3’. Well experienced staff at HLB Hamt work seamlessly for the implementation and support of ERP software.

Sage ERP X3 is a completely dedicated solution for ERP of mid market companies as well as subsidiary companies of large groups having international demand. Sage ERP X3 has a great presence in more than 60 countries and over 4,000 customers around the world have already chosen it as their ERP solution. Sage ERP X3 is developed to offer a number of powerful features and effective functions to help manage all the sophisticated processes of any business as well as their relationships and transactions. It can well manage specific business areas like inventory, manufacturing, warehousing, finance, purchasing, customer relationship and electronic documentation. HLB Hamt offers you a flexible, cost effective package of essential features that give you complete confidence and control in your business.

The most important benefit of having such a package is that all the vital information about the business can be held in a single powerful, reliable, comprehensive management solution which is both intuitive and simple at use. The solution offers a great integration and the ability to plan using accurate real time information to help improve the productivity of any business. It would provide you all the data essential to make the correct decisions. Cost and lead times would reduce, allowing a better service to customers and grabbing new opportunities. Sage ERP solutions help improve the efficiency of current processes and also provide efficiency in those areas that are still new and unknown to the company.

ERP solutions do not only help the back office. This solution integrates with the CRM as well as service solutions and mobile sales to improve the customer service across the company. HLB Hamt is involved in providing a complete implementation of the perfect enterprise resource planning system for any size and type of business. Not only this, it offers a seamless support for the ERP system implemented so that the business organizations can gain the most out of it. All the latest updates are constantly introduced to keep our clients on the top of their competitors.