Free-Zone-Business-Setup UAE

Free Zone Business Setup

For any wise organization, one of the most daunting challenges is to cut the operation cost, so profits can be maximized in order to survive. This is especially important in today’s weak economical conditions. In such times, it makes sense to share logistics with other similar firms since this cost-sharing decrease the overheads for everyone and also leads to a higher quality of service. What better than to do so in a tax-free, motivating and reliable environment? This is what the Free Zones of UAE accomplish, and accomplish most grandly. These are specially notified zones designed according to specific business and industry categories and governed by separate and independent Free Zone authorities. At HLB Hamt, we can help you get onboard these wonderful communities with ease.

There are many an advantages of operating from a Free Zone. Your firm need not pay any taxes, whether they are personal, corporate, import/export taxes or custom duties. Every transaction in these zones is completely untaxed, maximizing your profits. The corresponding documentation is also eliminated, saving money and time. Moreover, foreign nationals can obtain complete (100%) ownership of their business, exterminating interference from outside. And 100% repatriation of both, capital and profits is allowed, so your organization can mobilize all its assets as and when needed, imparting much needed suppleness in competitive business environments. As a company stationed in the free zone, your firm would enjoy very few restrictions on labor recruitment and absolutely no bureaucratic interferences and red-tapes, empowering you to recruit the best available talent as per the need of the hour. All of this, stationed in the state-of-the-art infrastructure wherein your company can share services and synergies with adjoining firms to minimize operating cost along with receiving more reliable services. Procuring business permits, licenses and employee visas is also not an issue since all these matters are governed by Free Zone authorities that operate most professionally. This is another clear advantage over other business incorporation options.

There exist provisions for three types of incorporations: the Free Zone establishment, the Free Zone Company and the Branch of Foreign Entity. The establishment is the way to go for smaller, capital intensive businesses. It mandates up to 100% foreign ownership and as few as just one shareholder. The minimum capital required for this is fixed at AED One million. The Free Zone Company enjoys similar benefits, except that the minimum number of shareholders is two but the number is capped at five. But the capital requirement drops down to AED 500,000 only. The third option is aimed at foreign firms willing to open their branches at the Free Zones. They entail no minimum capital requirement and allow for 100% foreign ownership.

HLB Hamt, with its expertise in this field, can help your company get its feet set at one of these wonderful places. Besides providing strategic inputs and organizing business plans, we offer end-to-end services that oversee the entire incorporation process. This includes procuring relevant approvals from various departments from the Free Zone concerned, drafting various legal documents required, helping your company open bank accounts, and handling all other documentation formalities. We assure our clients of completely smooth processing so they do not have to make many efforts for the same.

In totality, the Free Zones offer a spectrum of benefits for companies that are willing to exist in a synergistic ambience. And HLB Hamt is the perfect choice to get your firm going at these inspiring centers of modern business. So allow us to help you launch that dream into spectacular success. HLB Hamt is the perfect partner to do so.