HR Consultancy

Dubai a pride of Middle East and a jewel in the crown of Asia is home to diverse people and this ensures that you get nothing but the best professionals for you business. The young and dynamic residents of Dubai who are highly talented add to the much needed workforce which drives the business growth. Dubai being the epicenter of all trade activities of the region also boasts of world class universities which nurtures the best students and makes sure that there is no shortage of highly skilled people. Out of these highly efficient and talented individuals we at HLB Hamt handpick the best person for your company.

Selecting an employee is a time consuming process which sees significant amount of money being invested in due process. At times the decisions go awry and companies end up choosing wrong people for the job which not only costs them money but precious time as well. The process is repeated all over again and the business loses out an edge over its competitors. To solve this tedious process related to Human Resource HLB Hamt started HR Consultancy and over a period of time we have helped both multinationals as well as startups choose the best employee for their company. Our HR division comprises of industry experts and specialists who devise all our campaigns and strategies. The process of selecting employee for your esteemed business is a very rigorous one which sees plethora of selection rounds including written tests, industry knowledge, discussions and individual interaction with the potential employee. The dedicated resourcing team at HLB Hamt who possess excellent knowledge of regional market keeping in sync with the international trends makes sure that quality and reliability is never compromised with. The process adopted by us is definitely a tough one but it is not a lengthy one. We understand the importance of time for your business so we give you the employee in shortest possible time at the most reasonable rates. Our philosophy has always been to provide best quality service at most affordable rates and we stand true to our testimony. We oversee the credentials of every recruit thoroughly and this makes sure we refine out all the scrupulous applicants.

Recruiting is half the work done; HLB Hamt takes care of your entire HR needs. We help companies place a potential employee in the department where his/her expertise will benefit company the most. The entire HR System and frame work of any organization is designed by us with ease and with high efficiency. We advise companies on giving the optimum salary and sufficient compensation to employees so that the business grows in leaps and bounds and no employee is left disgruntled. An employee should be from a good background is very essential as one bad element can take down an entire organization, HLB Hamt takes extra special care when it comes to background checks and we leave no stone unturned in making sure that your business in Dubai flourishes and prospers like never before.