Investment Opportunity

Robert G. Allen an American businessman was once quoted, “How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings account? I rest my case.” This is very true as money multiplies only when invested and not when left in banks. To help businesses and individuals with their investments HLB Hamt offers complete Investment solutions. Our experts hailing from various industries and nationalities offer you a bouquet of Investment opportunities in different sectors, be it multi-billion dollar projects in various fields of hospitality, infrastructure, healthcare, real estate or a lucrative investment opportunity with startups capable of yielding very good returns.

HLB Hamt lays special emphasis on providing you the maximum possible security on your investments, we treat your investment as our own and we keep a regular tab on your investments so that your hard earned money grows with each passing day. Our client base which has swelled over the years shows our credibility and reliability. Our clients which includes the elite of Dubai business world has seen their wealth multiplied by investing in business opportunities suggested by us. Investments come with a risk but this factor become negligible when Investments Opportunities are formulated by our experts who evaluate every business rigorously and every business opportunity is scrutinized by our panel to ensure they grow with each passing year, no matter where the economy heads, your investment will only sky rocket.

The HLB Hamt Company with offices throughout UAE and expertise spanning over 14 years guarantees nothing but the best. We are amongst the select few to have received multiple prestigious rating which includes:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • ISMS 27001:2005 Certified
  • ISAE 3402 Certified

Our division which deals with Investments comprises of several departments, each having their own set of experts and panelists who possess complete knowledge about their field and this hawk eye view by them ensures that no business opportunity goes unnoticed by us. We make sure that you invest in early stage so that your returns are enormous. Our Investment opportunity is designed to give you abundant of choices, HBL Hamt will offer you investment solution in the good old real estate and at the same in the latest technological companies manufacturing or designing high-end tech solutions for the ever evolving world.

Investment through the Dubai route offers hosts of advantage as the government policies are highly favorable for investors with a very moderate tax structure. Investors worldwide complain of bureaucratic hurdles and several red tapes. This gets eliminated when you come to Dubai; the Emirate of UAE supports you in all possible ways and will ensure that you conduct business freely in a conducive environment.

So, come to Dubai and start investing in business of your choice. With HBL Hamt at your help you can be sure that your investment will never go wrong. Investing through Dubai route offers unlimited advantage and when the multinationals and mega corporations from world over are converging in Dubai, why not you?