Mergers & Acquisitions

Mario Gabelli a well known investor once popularly said, “How do you make money? Spinoffs, split-ups, liquidations, mergers and acquisitions.” It is very true indeed, mergers and acquisitions for long have provided companies with a unique opportunity to boost their operations and grow considerably. It is seen as an easy route but many a times it may go awry as the prospects of acquired company may have been wrongly analysed before the merger. These mistakes will not only stall the growth of the organization but also put financial pressure which could have been avoided. To solve all worries related to Mergers & Acquisitions, HLB Hamt’s MAGIC Group (The Mergers & Acquisitions Grid for International Co-operation) has developed right strategies and capabilities which takes into consideration the associated risks and future profitability factors.

HLB Hamt’s team in UAE is well experienced in handling all types of mergers & acquisitions and as a part of reputed HLB International group we are highly reliable.

Our team who has handled mergers & acquisitions of numerous companies over the years will help you develop the right strategy before any deal; these strategies will be of great help in executing the deals seamlessly. The HLB Hamt’s professionals study the entire business carefully and they identify all the issues and points of negotiations. Our association does not end with merger & acquisitions as we help you in implementing changes which are necessary for business transition. The highly reputed MAGIC Group of HLB Hamt has over the years developed an efficient system which is of great use in cross-border M&A, they even help in providing technical tools and our business development unit will offer necessary contacts like banks and law firms.

The expert team at HLB Hamt’s UAE unit is well-experienced to execute deals, provide valuation strategy, enable corporate financing and their expertise combined with their knowledge and experience will help you in maximizing the value of your transaction. We believe in providing complete solution so that you do not have to worry about any aspect. We not only advise clients on strategy and execution but also on capturing post value deal. We ensure that the client gets nothing but the best on their investment and we help in reducing risk factors associated with M&A. Our merger & acquisition strategies are formulated to give the most favorable results to the stakeholders and we ensure that business returns to normal in shortest possible time. The professionals at HLB Hamt come from varying backgrounds like investment/commercial banks, Securities Company, accounting firms and various other corporate. This is done to do ensure seamless transaction and professionals from varying background add to greater value creation.

HLB Hamt assists you throughout the transaction lifecycle; we see whether the strategies are fit for the business. We analyze and evaluate every aspect of the transaction, we restructure the deal for you which will give the best result and even draft legal documents. Negotiating can be a very tough task but when in Dubai you need not worry as we provide complete negotiation assistance throughout the transaction period.

We first hear out client’s strategy and based on that we form the basic concepts of M&A, and after taking into consideration the priorities of both sides we offer the most suitable advice. The entire process of M&A is managed by our expert team who will prepare not just memorandum but also contact buyers/sellers to ascertain their interests. We will advice on every aspect and we closely monitor every development. When entrusted with the responsibility to carrying out M&A, you can be sure that you will get the best results and the M&A will add great value to your business.