Offshore Company in UAE

Offshore Company in UAE

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a tax-efficient way to start your company? Or an established firm outside of the UAE, looking to create a business base in one of the most active business regions in the world? Take advantage of the offshore company incorporation facility in the UAE! An offshore company is one where the organization need not have a physical presence at the place of incorporation, allowing the freedom to operate from anywhere. This translates to considerable tax savings since generally the place of formation of company offers slim taxes. And HLB Hamt can assist you in forming one such venture right here, in Dubai, the city of the future.

As an offshore firm, your company enjoys full freedom of operation, absolute confidentiality and ease of doing business. And the UAE is the perfect place to create such a firm as it is white listed and is an independent territory. Moreover, it has double taxation avoidance agreements with many countries (more than 40 as of today), assuring that no unnecessary tax burdens are placed on your organization.

Amongst the many benefits of doing business this way, one pristine advantage is that the foreign investor can have 100% ownership of the organization. That means all assets and the generated profits need not be shared with any UAE local representative. This also eliminates the necessity of finding a UAE national as a shareholder or sponsor, minimizing time and effort requirement at your end and further enhancing privacy of business practices. Further, there is no register of company offices that is available to the general public. This implies complete anonymity and privacy to you as well as you business interests. The company can own as well as sell real estate on the areas approved by the concerned authority and all such dealings are exempt from all forms of tax. In fact, the organization faces no income or corporate taxes at all! The firm can hold multi currency bank accounts and there is no restriction at all on the foreign currency.

As an offshore company, there are no onshore offices and hence you incur zero cost associated with employees and offices. This implies a much lower setting up cost compared to other form of business incorporation and this ultimately leads to a much lower capital requirement. Also, the company can be formed with just one director or shareholder, giving you complete flexibility in choosing your partners.

All this convenience can be had through a registered agent who is eligible to form such a company. We are please to state that our organization is registered and we shall gladly oversee smooth formation of your dream company with minimal investment. Our humongous experience in this field coupled with a deep understanding of the local government machinery enables us to recommend the best possible ways for our clients. We offer a registered office with a PO Box, a registered agent, preparation of Memorandum of Association and other documents, preparation of registration forms and incorporation certificates, filing with the registrar of companies and finally opening of a multi currency bank account.

We proffer these services for two UAE offshore destinations: JAFZA offshore and RAK offshore. Besides UAE, we can also help you get started in any of the other major offshore destinations including Caymen Islands, Panama etc.

All in all, offshore companies are a great way to save taxes while enjoying full control over the company. And HLB Hamt’s expertise at this is all you need to give shape to your dreams. Let us help you, and you shall discover a whole new world.